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Elevate Your Security Surveys to the Next Level with Our Virtual CPTED Training Program!

Hello, all you safety enthusiasts out there! If you've always wondered how to integrate modern technology into your CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) surveys, then you've come to the right place. The landscape of security is rapidly evolving, and to keep up with the demands of modern society, we're thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Virtual CPTED Training Program. This one-of-a-kind program bridges traditional CPTED principles with state-of-the-art virtual technologies like virtual tour technology, LiDAR, drone mapping, and digital floor plans. The future of security assessment is here, and it’s more affordable and user-friendly than ever before!


















Virtual CPTED Survey

Learn how to easily build a Community or Park Virtual CPTED survey in a little as a few hours.

Virtual CPTED Training

What is Virtual CPTED?

Before diving into the program specifics, let's quickly cover what Virtual CPTED is all about. Building upon the foundation of traditional CPTED, Virtual CPTED integrates cutting-edge technologies to provide a more comprehensive and dynamic evaluation of an environment. Think of it as CPTED 2.0, where you're not just relying on your eyes and notepad but also utilizing a digital toolkit to evaluate, analyze, and improve safety measures.

Affordability & Accessibility:

You might be thinking that all of this tech sounds expensive. However, one of the key takeaways from our training program is the affordability and ease of implementing these tools. Many of these technologies are not just reserved for large corporations with big budgets but are accessible and applicable for HOAs, hotels, resorts, and city parks as well.

Expert-Led Training

Our courses are led by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the fields of military, law enforcement, and industrial security. With a vast knowledge base and hands-on approach, you are in excellent hands throughout your learning journey.

Rich Learning Modules:

•    Virtual Tour Technology: Learn how to create interactive 360-degree tours of any property, enabling real-time decision-making and a more thorough evaluation process.

•    LiDAR Scanning: This module covers the basics of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, equipping you with the skills to generate incredibly detailed three-dimensional maps.

•    Drone Mapping: As drone technology becomes more prevalent, knowing how to efficiently map areas using drones is an invaluable skill. Our program includes hands-on drone training from certified Part 107 Drone Pilots.

•    Digital Floor Plans: Create easily accessible and customizable digital floor plans that will revolutionize the way you conduct your surveys.

Who Can Benefit?

•    CPTED Practitioners: If you’re already familiar with CPTED principles, this program will add another layer of expertise to your skillset.

•    Law Enforcement Officials: Acquire a technological edge that can greatly aid in your day-to-day responsibilities.

•    Security Consultants: Offer your clients a more comprehensive and modern assessment with these added capabilities.

•    Facility Managers: For those overseeing HOAs, hotels, resorts, or city parks, this training is an essential tool for maintaining a safe environment.


Staying ahead of the curve in today's security landscape requires a constant evolution of skills and methodologies. Our Virtual CPTED Training Program offers a forward-thinking approach, blending traditional know-how with the latest technological advancements. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your security assessments to new heights. Trust us; you'll be a Virtual CPTED pro in no time!

Ready to transform your career and the field of security? Sign up for our Virtual CPTED Training Program today!

Stay Safe & Stay Updated!

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