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AerialWayz360 offers a groundbreaking aerial 360˚ viewing platform, seamlessly connecting to 360˚ ground views. This innovative technology, rooted in Virtual CPTED principles, provides enhanced surveillance and security solutions for industries such as hotels/resorts and state/city parks.

AerialWayz360 utilizes advanced drone technology and integrates features such as Ground Virtual Tour Technology, LiDAR, Digital Floor Plans, AI Chatbots and Google Street View Mapping, etc.


Hello from AerialWayz360™. We have been working with drones since 2015 and our pilots all hold FAA Part 107 licenses. We developed the RFID Backpack for drones as well as an application for indoor SLAM Mapping (simultaneous localization and mapping) for warehouse drones using smart sensors, as well as integrating drones with CCTV/alarm systems via smart sensors.

We are now developing the First Aerial Highways for Communities. Building a Drone Highway of the Sky is a major task but is fun. We are integrating Google Street View, Google Maps and FAA LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) to safely travel from one community to another.

AerialWayz360 is wholly-owned subsidiary of Virtual CPTED.

Try out some great examples below. Just click and drag with your mouse or scan the code on your smartphone or tablet.

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