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Matterport Projects:

Some of the main benefits for a CPTED Practitioner, security consultant or architect to use Matterport software are:


  • You can capture, share, and collaborate the built world in immersive 3D digital twins that are more realistic and engaging than panoramic scans.


  • You can save time and money by reducing the need for site visits, travel, and manual measurements.


  • You can integrate your 3D models with Autodesk and Procore software for better design and project management.


  • You can create schematic floor plans, BIM files, and E57 point clouds from your 3D models for accurate documentation and analysis.


  • You can customize your 3D models with tags, notes, videos, and guided tours to highlight the features and benefits of your space.


  • You can access enterprise grade security and advanced admin features for managing your 3D models and sharing them with your clients and stakeholders.

Matterport for Virtual CPTED Surveys:

Check out the Matterport Construction Survey below. Just use your mouse to move your way around the building.

Add additional floors to your survey:

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